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  3. oh, hi. hello.
    I’m applying for the job where I look at pictures / gifs of hayley williams and persian cats all day while getting paid a living wage to do so.
    ok, thank you.

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  6. hunter eyes

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  8. hop odyssey (at Market Garden Brewery)

  10. my first cheddar birthday biscuit sandwich was so incredible I ordered a second cheddar birthday biscuit sandwich.
    @earthtoandrew @brdly love you dudes! (at Kerber’s Farm Long Island, New York)

  11. it’s gonna be a FUN night! I’m stoked 😸 (at Amityville Music Hall)

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  13. touring can be pretty “chill”

  15. yesterday was national IPA day, today is national cat day. those are holidays I actually celebrate. 😘 kisses to my little tubby one